Our Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers are responsible for creating and maintaining a back-up copy of their data on a different computer or on removable media. Where Amersham Computers have installed and configured a back-up service for a customer it still remains the customer's resposibility to ensure ongoing functionality of that back-up process. While every effort will be made to protect customer data, the proprietor of Amersham Computers does not accept responsibility for loss of data however caused, nor can we accept any liability for consequential losses that might arise from the loss of data.
  2. Applications can be re-installed only from original disks and product keys provided by the customer. The customer remains responsible for re-purchasing, or negotiating renewal with the vendor, of any single-licence software (such as certain versions of Microsoft Office) that fail to re-install on replacement hardware, even in the event that the hardware has been replaced under warranty.
  3. Equipment that is released for work in our workshop is covered for fire, theft and accidental damage to the replacement value of the hardware. Software replacement is only covered if the original disks were supplied to us. Data loss is not covered.
  4. A verbal and/or written agreement will be made concerning the work to be carried out. Faults that were not apparent when released that subsequently come to light upon diagnosis are subject to separate negotiation regarding resolution.
  5. Payment to be made by cash or cheque before the engineer leaves or via BACS within 5 working days from the date of the invoice. Credit card payment is not accepted.
  6. Anything supplied by Amersham Computers remains the property of the proprietor until full payment has been received.
  7. Faulty goods supplied by us will be replaced or exchanged for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the invoice. If an exact replacement is not possible, a similar or better component will be used.
  8. Faults arising from excessive dust or other environmental issues will not be covered under warranty.
  9. After virus/malware/spyware removal work, checks will be run to ensure that re-infection will not occur through files stored on the computer. No guarantee is made that the computer will remain infection free after the computer is connected to the internet. Customers are responsible for maintaining suitable protection software and strategies for minimising the risk of infection.
  10. The proprietor of Amersham Computers limits liability for losses to the value of the work carried out, with the exception of losses described in clause 3 above.
  11. A diagnostic charge of £35 will be made if the customer decides not to proceed with a quoted repair.